What Are Organic Smoothies?

These are delicious and nutritious mixes of fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy ingredients that are grown and processed according to strict standards of organic farming practices. What sets organic smoothies apart is the commitment to using only natural, chemical-free and sustainable ingredients. These smoothies are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, making them a healthier choice for conscious consumers.

Fun Fact About Organic Smoothies

Did you know that organic smoothies are good not only for your health, they are also good for the environment? Organic farming methods promote soil conservation and biodynamics, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable agriculture. By choosing organic smoothies, you can enjoy your health as well as supporting a greener planet.

Production Steps

The production of organic smoothies involves several important steps. It all starts with careful selection of organic, non-genetically modified fruit and vegetables. These ingredients are combined to ensure the best taste and highest quality nutrition content. After cleaning and preparation, they are blended into wonderful smoothies. Every step in the process is strictly monitored to maintain the highest environmental standards.

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers who choose organic smoothies enjoy many benefits.


Better health

Organic ingredients contain more essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, promoting overall well-being.


No harmful chemicals

Organic smoothies are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and additives often found in conventional products.


Extraordinary taste

The use of high quality, ripe ingredients gives unprecedented taste and freshness.


Environmental responsibility

By choosing organic products, consumers support environmentally friendly agricultural practices and reduce the use of pesticides.

Quality of Organic Smoothies Produced in the EU:

The European Union has set strict regulatory standards for the production of organic food products, ensuring that all these products, including smoothies, meet the highest standards. The production of organic smoothies made in the EU is subject to strict quality controls, from the cultivation of the ingredients to the final product. Consumers can rely on the EU Ecolabel, which indicates the reliability of the product and its compliance with organic principles.

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