What is Organic Yoghurt?

It is a healthy dairy product made from milk from organically reared cows. What sets this yoghurt apart is its compliance with organic farming practices. It is produced without the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or pesticides in cow feed. This makes the yoghurt pure, natural and without any artificial additives. Organic yoghurt is a nutritious choice for those who appreciate high quality products and environmentally friendly dairy products.

Fun Fact About Organic Yoghurt

Did you know that this yoghurt can be a sustainable choice for your breakfast? Organic dairy farming promotes environmentally friendly practices such as reduced water consumption and minimal environmental impact. By choosing organic yoghurt, you are supporting a greener and more environmentally friendly dairy industry.

Production Steps

The production of organic yoghurt involves several important steps. It starts with collecting milk from organically reared cows. This milk is pasteurised and then fermented with live active cultures to form yoghurt. Organic yoghurt is made using the same traditional method as conventional yoghurt, but with strict attention and using organic, high-quality ingredients without synthetic additives.

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers choosing organic yoghurt enjoy a number of benefits, including:


Nutrient content

Organic yoghurt is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium and probiotics to promote digestion.



This yoghurt is free from artificial hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, offering a cleaner and safer dairy product.


Great taste

Made from high-quality natural ingredients, organic yoghurt has a fresh and delicious taste.


Support for sustainable agriculture

By choosing organic yoghurt, you are promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices that are good for the planet.

Quality of Organic Yoghurt Produced in the EU:

In the EU, organic yoghurt is certified through strict quality standards. The EU Ecolabel ensures that the product meets these high standards. Made in the EU, this yoghurt is strictly controlled by quality standards throughout the production process (from cow to cup). Consumers can trust that they are buying a top quality product that meets the highest safety standards.

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