Bulgaria is a country rich in history and culture, and famous for its excellent wines. Among the different types of Bulgarian wine, the wines of the Thrace region, which bear the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label, have a special place. With centuries of winemaking experience, these wines, based on the legacy of the ancient Thracian civilisation, reflect a distinctive taste and provide consumers with a unique and exceptional taste experience.

Wines of the Thrace Region with a PGI Label

These are wines made in the historic heart of the Thrace region of Bulgaria. The Protected Geographical Indication ensures that these wines have distinctive characteristics influenced by the region’s unique climate and traditional winemaking practices. It is a guarantee of nobility and quality, giving consumers confidence in their choice of wine.

Benefits for Consumers:



The wines of the Thrace region bearing the PGI label are closely linked to the region’s rich wine-making tradition, giving consumers an authentic taste of Bulgaria’s cultural and historical heritage.


Quality assurance

The PGI certificate guarantees that strict production standards are respected, from growing the grapes to making the wine. This careful process ensures consistent quality, allowing consumers to enjoy special wines with exceptional character and flavour.


Terroir expression

The wines of the Thrace region are created to bring out the unique features of the region’s terroir, including its specific soil composition, climate and wine varieties. This gives the wines a distinctive taste and aroma of the region that leaves consumers with a truly memorable experience.

Wines of the Thrace Region with a PGI Label:

The PGI wines of the Thrace region boast Bulgaria’s membership of the European Union, in line with the EU’s strict wine production and labelling requirements. This ensures that consumers can rely on the quality and authenticity of these wines. EU standards cover a wide range of aspects, including grape growing, wine-making processes, ageing techniques and bottling procedures. In addition, EU membership ensures access to modern wine production technologies and knowledge sharing, contributing to the continuous improvement of wine quality.

The wines of the Thrace region bearing the PGI label represent the pinnacle of Bulgarian wine production, embodying the essence of the ancient Thracian civilisation and the region’s unique terroir. With the PGI certificate, these wines guarantee consumers authenticity, special quality and a unique expression of Bulgaria’s wine-making heritage.

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