What is Cold-pressed, Unpasteurised Juice?

It is the juice obtained using a special method of extraction called cold-pressing. Unlike conventional juicing methods, which use heat or centrifugal force, cold pressing presses fruit or vegetables without generating any heat. This method helps to preserve the natural flavours, colours and nutrients contained in the product.

Fun Fact About Cold-pressed, Unpasteurised Juice

Did you know that cold-pressed, unpasteurised juices are often referred to as “living juices”. The nickname comes from the fact that the juice is made from fresh and live fruit and vegetables, which are known for their enzyme, vitamin and mineral content.

Production Steps

The production of cold-pressed, unpasteurised juices usually involves the following steps:



Selected fresh and ripe fruits or vegetables are carefully prepared for juicing, ensuring high quality and taste.



The produce is thoroughly washed and, depending on the specific juice recipe, may be peeled or de-seeded.


Cold pressing method

The prepared products are placed in a hydraulic press, which applies gentle pressure, extracting the juice without any heat or oxygen. This method helps to preserve nutrients and flavour.


Bottling and packaging

The resulting juice is immediately bottled and packed in airtight containers to preserve freshness and quality. The use of refrigeration or a freezer may be necessary to increase the shelf life of the juice.

Consumption Benefits


Rich in nutrients

The cold-pressing method helps to preserve the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes in fruit and vegetables, ensuring that you get a concentrated dose of nutrients in every sip.


Strong flavour

The gentle extraction process preserves the authentic flavours and vibrant colours of fruits and vegetables, giving you a tastier and more enjoyable juice experience.


Health benefits

The cold-pressed, unpasteurised juice is believed to help improve digestion, detoxify the body and promote general health and well-being. It is also a convenient way to include a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Quality of Cold-pressed, Unpasteurised Juices Produced in the EU:

The European Union (EU) has strict regulations and standards to ensure the quality and safety of food products, including cold-pressed, unpasteurised juices. Producers in the EU adhere to strict hygiene standards, use high quality products and carry out rigorous production processes to maintain the integrity of the juice. By choosing cold-pressed, unpasteurised juices produced in the EU, consumers can be assured of their quality and trust that they meet the highest production and safety standards.

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