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Cottage cheese bars with organic dark chocolate MULATE ORGANIC 88

  • 275 g cottage cheese;
  • 60 g butter;
  • 50 g icing sugar;
  • 2 tbsp cocoa;
  • 4 pieces of MULATE dark chocolate (for the filling);
  • 150 g MULATE dark chocolate (for glazing);
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (for glazing).

  1. Beat the cottage cheese and melted butter with the icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of cocoa using an electric mixer to a consistency without lumps.
  2. Grate 4 pieces of dark chocolate, add to the mixture and mix well.
  3. Place the mixture in silicone moulds. Any mould will do, even cupcake moulds are suitable – this will make the cottage cheese bars round. Once in the moulds, smooth the surface. Place the moulds in the freezer for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight.
  4. Prepare the glaze by melting the chocolate and coconut oil in a steam bath. Dip the frozen cottage cheese bars briefly into the warm glaze using a fork. Keep the glaze in the steam bath. Place the cottage cheese bars on a cutting board lined with baking paper. When finished, put the cottage cheese bars in the fridge. Leave for at least an hour to allow the inside of the cottage cheese bars to defrost.

TIP – pour the remaining glaze into the mould and freeze it so you have chocolate for next time.
You can store the glaze in the fridge – it’s easy to melt when you need it.